About The Baker

Tarrah Seaver makes treats for humans and other living things at Laurabelle’s A Scratch Bakery on 12 East Market Street. Working from scratch using the best ingredients, the way her grandmother Laurabelle taught her, she can accommodate any dietary need. “We always baked as a family, and I thought, why don’t I just try it?” she asked herself. “And it’s taken off from there.”

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(Photo: Tarrah with her grandmother, the bakery namesake, Laurabelle, standing in Laurabelle’s shortly after opening)

The baker, Tarrah, and her grandmother, Laurabelle.

My Story

The road to becoming a cupcakery wasn’t simply paved with frosting. Tarrah tried several other things before attending culinary school, including work as an underwriter at a bank, and more energetic employment as a carpenter and electrician. She gained the skills to build her own house (something on the back burner for later) and also for constructing more elaborate cake and cupcake decorations. the creative ideas that top her creations are gleaned from a lot of visual research plus a great deal of fondant and modeling chocolate. Ideas become reality in her efficiently designed, gleaming, stainless-steel kitchen.

Tarrah opened first in a small storefront off Market Street, then moved across the street to her current location, a former shoe store whose shelf-lined walls make a great display space for her collection of vintage and modern cake stands. Here she plans to offer coffee and other beverages so customers who want to sample her thirteen cake flavors, eleven frosting flavors, and seven filling flavors—literally 1,001 potential combinations—can sit, relax, and enjoy. Salted caramel cake with white chocolate buttercream topped with white chocolate-covered pretzels and caramel anyone? How about a summery lemon-lavender? Or hummingbird cake topped with something sweet and complementary Tarrah hasn’t nished dreaming up yet? She’s inspired by seasonal flavors and holidays. And while cupcakes are a Laurabelle’s mainstay, the choices on any given day may include scones, gluten-free treats, and cakes made to order. Cupcakes can be assembled like a wedding cake; cakes may be embellished with homemade candy, edible flowers, or chocolate shavings.

And not to leave out anyone’s best friend—Tarrah admits to having seven—she can also create “pup- cakes” with wholesome doggy-friendly ingredients, approved by her own canine tasting panel. Other doggie treats may join the lineup as time permits.

While most baked goods have flour and sugar and shortening, Tarrah’s confections have an additional semi-invisible ingredient—she loves what she’s doing. Although her work day begins very early, “it’s not a job,” she says. “Coming to work and baking is relaxing.” Even making deliveries is fun. “I walk in,” she says, “and people are really happy.”

-Karey Solomon, Explore Corning Area Guide, Gaffer District